Founded in 1996, Eagle Construction & Restoration, LLC specializes in masonry, which includes the installation of brick, decorative stone, concrete block, and other related construction material. With over 20 years of experience, Eagle Construction & Restoration, LLC works on public, commercial, and residential buildings all over the Southeast region.


Eagle Construction & Restoration is currently focusing on commercial jobs, which require the highest quality control regulations and highest safety levels to be met. Eagle Construction’s personnel is more than able to meet the rigorous expectations that are set to obtain the highest satisfaction out of its customers while preserving the well-being of employees.

Aside from fieldwork Eagle Construction & Restoration has begun to support its community by joining the Hispanic Contractors Association of Georgia (HCAG) who support and promote the achievement and economic growth of Hispanic manufacturers, developers, vendors, and construction workers.


Customer Satisfaction: ECR strives for customer satisfaction to be as high as it can be.
Loyalty: ECR’s personnel works hard to fulfill the company’s vision and goals.
Teamwork: To provide satisfaction, ECR works with its clients and employees to create a vision and then execute it.
Quality: As ECR continues to work under extensive regulations the quality of work done has only improved and will continue to do so
Innovation: To fulfill a client’s vision ECR has learned to adopt new skill sets to accomplish said tasks
Social Responsibility: ECR emphasizes the value of well-being for their staff as well as the community with adequate training and involvement in organizations that give individuals the support and resources needed to succeed on and off the field.


Eagle Construction & Restoration LLC helps promote programs and resources to its workers so that they have the support needed to reach their full potential in the construction arena.


The mission at Eagle Construction & Restoration, LLC, is to exceed client expectations with results that come from the expertise and constant innovation of the company.